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Laboratory Facilities

Arun Kumar, Scientific Officer - E
In-charge, Teaching labs

Instruments In-charge

SlInstrumentMakeModelFaculty Incharge
1 UV-VIS NIR Perkin-Elmer L-750 Dr. S Kar
2 Fluorescence Perkin-Elmer LS-55 Dr. M Sarkar
3 FT IR Perkin-Elmer RX-1 Dr. CS Purohit & Dr. S Nembenna
4 Cyclic Voltametry CH Instruments 1120-A Dr. A Srinivasan
5 Particle size Analizer CPS DC12000 Dr. S Kar
6 Time Resolved Spectrometer Edinburgh Instr. OB920 Dr. M Sarkar
7 Calorimeter Parr 6755-6772 Dr. M Sarkar
8 Density Meter Anton Parr DMA-5000 Dr. M Sarkar
9 NMR 400 MHz Bruker 400 MHz Dr. A Ghosh
10 Single Crystal X-Ray Bruker Kappa Apex-II Dr. CS Purohit, Dr. S Nembenna & Dr. JN Behera
11 Mass LCMS & UPLC Bruker micrOTOF-Q II Drs. N Sharma & Dr. A Srinivasan
12 Mass GCMS Thermo Fisher ITQ-900 Dr. S Peruncheralathan & Dr. N Sharma
13 HPLC Agilent 1200 series Dr. S Peruncheralathan
14 Digital Polarimeter Rudolph AUTOPOL-IV Dr. N Sharma
15 HPC     Dr. U Lourderaj & Dr. Bhargava BL
16 Magnetic Susceptibility Sherwood Scintific Auto Dr. S Kar
17 Glove Box MBRAUN GMbH-20080910 Dr. C Gunanathan
18 Powder XRD Bruker D8 Advance Dr. JN Behera & Dr. S Barman
19 Microwave Synthesizer Sineo MASS-II Dr. P Mal
20 Photoreactor Luzchem   Dr. P Mal
21 ITC G.E. Healthcare iTC200 Microcal Dr. P Mal & Dr. N Sharma
22 Viscometer Brookfield RVDV-II Dr. M Sarkar
23 Solvent Purification System MBRAUN MB-SPS-800 Dr. S Nembenna
24 Lyophilizer DELVAC   Dr. N Sharma


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