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Nagendra Kumar Sharma

Nagendra Kumar Sharma, Reader - F
Ph.D. in 2006 from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune & University of Poona, Pune, India
• NIH Postdoctoral Fellow: (2006-2009) in Poulter Research Lab, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah-84112 (USA)

Synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology
Research Interest
Synthesis and structural studies of peptide/nucleic acid analogues; mechanistic studies of enzymatic reaction in MVA/MEP pathways; and chemical/biosynthesis of isoprenoids natural products.
Selected publications
  1. Balachandra, C.; and Sharma, N. K.* Instability of amide bond comprising the 2-Aminotropone moiety: cleavable under mild acidic conditions.Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 3948-3951.
  2. Tiwari, A.; Gade, C. R.; Dixit, M.; Sharma, N. K.* Methylene salicylicacidyl hexamer (MSH) Has DNAse Activity. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 2015, 176, 1791-1800.
  3. Balachandra, C.; and Sharma, N. K.* Synthesis and conformational analysis of new Troponyl Aromatic Amino Acid. Tetrahedron 2014, 70, 7464-7469.
  4. C. R. Gade and Sharma N. K.*, Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of Berberine immobilized cellulose material. RSC Adv. 2014, 4, 39087-39618.
  5. Sharma, N. K.*; and Ganesh, K. N. Enhanced stability of G-Quadruplexes from conformationally constrained aep-PNA backbone. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2011, 9, 725-729.
Phone (O) : +91-674-2304130, (PABX) : 4130
e-mail : nagendra [at] niser [dot] ac [dot] in
Office : FC102