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A. Srinivasan

A. Srinivasan, Professor Chairperson (SCS)
Ph.D. in 2000 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Bioinorganic Chemistry
Research Interest
Photosensitizers for PDT Applications; Metallocene Based Macrocycles; Cryptands and its Receptor Properties.
Selected publications
  1. 9,10,19,20-Tetraarylporphycenes: K. S. Anju, S. Ramakrishnan, Ajesh P. Thomas, E. Suresh and A. Srinivasan, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 5545-5548.
  2. Synthesis of N-Confused Tetraphenylporphyrin Rhodium Complexes Having Versatile Metal Oxidation States: A.Srinivasan, M. Toganoh, T. Niino, A. Osuka and H. Furuta, Inorg. Chem. 2008, 47, 11305-11313.
  3. ansa-Metallocene based cyclic[2]pyrroles: S. Ramakrishnan and A. Srinivasan, Org. Lett., 2007, 9, 4769-4772.
  4. The Confusion Approach in Porphyrinoid Chemistry: A. Srinivasan and H. Furuta, Acc. Chem. Res., 2005, 38, 10-20.
  5. Doubly N-Confused Pentaphyrin: A. Srinivasan, T. Ishizuka, H. Maeda and H. Furuta, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2004, 43, 2951-2955.
Phone (O) : +91-674-2304077, (PABX) : 4077
e-mail : srini [at] niser [dot] ac [dot] in
Office : FC301