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T. K. Chandrashekar

T. K. Chandrashekar, Sr. Professor
Ph.D. in 1982 from Indian Institute of Science, India

Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
Research Interest
Chemistry of tetrapyrrole pigments and related macrocycles for their use as:
• Photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy
• Model compounds for photosynthetic intermediates
• Molecular receptors for neutral, cationic and anionic substrates
• Catalysts for organic conversions
• Supramolecular systems for molecular devices
Selected publications
  1. S. Gokulnath and T. K. Chandrashekar. Modified 26 and 28O hexaphyrins with five Meso-links; Optical, redox and structural properties. Chem. Asian J. 4, 861-869, (2009).
  2. S. Gokulnath and T. K. Chandrashekar. One Pot Synthesis of Core-modified Meso-Aryl Calix[5]phyrins and N-Fused[24]Pentaphyrins. Org. Lett. 10 (4), 637-640, (2008).
  3. R. Misra and T. K. Chandrashekar. Structural Diversity in Expanded Porphyrins. Acc. Chem. Res.41, 265-279, (2007).
  4. J. Sankar, H. Rath, V. Prabhuraja, S. Gokulnath, T. K. Chandrashekar, C. S. Purohit and S. Verma. meso-meso Linked Core-modified Corrole-Dimers: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties. Chemistry - A European Journal, 13, 105-114(2007).
  5. R. Kumar, R. Misra, T. K. Chandrashekar and E. Suresh, Near IR absorbing planar aromatic[34] octaphyrins( containing a quaterthiophene subunit. Chemical Communications, 43, (2007).
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